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Your Local Cell Doctor iPhone Repairs

Your Local Cell Doctor is Quinte`s iPhone repair leaders. iPhone repair is the biggest part of our business. We fix iPhone's on a daily basis. We have lots of knowledge and experience with all models of iPhone. We specialize in all types iPhone repair and have the knowledge and confidence to fix almost every iPhone that comes into our cell phone repair shop in Belleville.

Don't trust your iPhone with just anybody, they are delicate devices and need to be repaired correctly

Did you know most iPhones have at least 30 tiny screws? Each screw is a different size and can only be used in the same place it came from. Mixing up the screws can result in components shorting out and the iPhone not functioning correctly after the repair. Many times I open an iPhone that has been previously repaired and I find screws and other parts misplaced or even missing entirely. We take pride in there work and all devices that have been repaired are inspected by us to assure top quality work with all your parts and screws installed correctly. Another common thing I see from other repair companies is replacing your original Apple parts with aftermarket components. In models iPhone 5 or higher your front camera, earpiece speaker, home button and a few other part are attached to the screen. Many repair companies buy aftermarket screens with cheap aftermarket components already installed and they simply remove your screen with all the original Apple parts and replace it with the aftermarket screen and all cheap components This allows them to keep your high quality original parts and resell them. This makes the repair much quicker and easier but it is not fair to the customer and is not tolerated at Your Local Cell Doctor. We only replace the screen and are trained to transfer all the original good quality parts from the old broken screen to you brand new replacement. This insures a much higher quality repair. Don't get ripped off by a shady repair shop, bring your iPhone to a place you know you can trust.  We service all iPhone's from 3g - iPhone 6s. We offer professional service and competitive rates. We only use original quality parts and all our work is guaranteed. Now you can get your iPhone repaired at Your Local Cell Doctor with confidence and remember If we don't fix it, you don't pay!​
Bring your iPhone to get repaired at Your Local Cell Doctor today!

Available iPhone Repairs

- iPhone Screen Repair​

- iPhone Battery Repair

- iPhone Speaker Repair

- iPhone Microphone Repair

- iPhone Antenna Repair

- iPhone Home Button Repair

- iPhone Proximity Sensor Repair

- iPhone Charging Port Repair

- iPhone Water Damage Repair

- iPhone Housing Repair

- iPhone Colour Conversions

We Do All These iPhone Repair And More!